Standards of Conduct


Our staff is made up of people with a solid work ethic. Windsong Solutions, Inc. understands and abides by HIPAA regulations. We also follow standard recommendations to keep your information private. Your data is stored on our secure server, supported by a physical firewall that is regularly maintained and monitored to keep your data safe. We do not sell or otherwise release our client contact information.


Our company and its employees are insured against errors and omissions.

Recovery Account

All recovered funds are deposited to a holding account with our bank, US Federal Credit Union. Funds, less our contracted fees, are remitted from our Recovery Account directly to you no later than the 15th of the month following receipt of said funds, accompanied by a statement detailing the claims recovered.


Proposed settlements on accounts at less than in-full claims payments will be presented to the plan as required by your specific contract terms. You may choose to exercise a contract clause allowing us settlement authority on your behalf - within certain parameters - or you may choose to have all settlements approved on a case-by-case basis. Should you wish to approve all settlements, we ask that you provide us with one main contact and one backup contact with settlement authority, as attorneys have been known to call requesting settlement authority while in the midst of mediation or arbitration.